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Project Support
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Private Lesson

Online Education

Improve yourself with online trainings on system simulation, system optimization and system management, wherever you are and with any device with internet.

Project Support

Complete your work in a healthier and more successful way by getting support for your projects and assignments in the fields of system simulation and system optimization.

Private Lesson

Make yourself stand out by taking private lessons for your work on simulation modeling with Arena or system optimization with Lingo.

Online Education

arena ile simülasyon uygulamaları eğitimi

Simulation Applications Training with Arena

Our training, starting from scratch with the arena simulation program, accompanied by many sample applications.

lingo ile optimizasyon uygulamaları eğitimi

Optimization Applications Training with Lingo

Our training in which we optimized many mathematical models in the literature with the Lingo program.

ileri teknikler ile arena simülasyon eğitimi

Arena Simulation Practices Training with Advanced Techniques

Training in which detailed analyzes of system inputs and outputs are made and advanced techniques and tricks are used.

c# ve sql server ile üretim yönetimi yazılımı eğitimi

Management and Production Software Training with C# & SQL Server

Training where we created a mini ERP software with C# programming language and SQL Server database query language.

Project Support

You are at the right place to get support for your project and studies in the fields of system simulation and system optimization.

After communicating with us, we analyze your project together and create our work schedule. We complete your work as we planned step by step.

Private Lesson

We will accompany you on system simulation or system optimization with one-to-one private lessons. You will be able to create our special work plan and progress from the beginner level to the advanced level and be able to do your projects and studies on your own.

If you wish, you can participate in our trainings given in groups of 8-10 people and improve yourself. Our group trainings will be a fun process that includes group projects and individual assignments for you.

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